Running a WordPress website is hard.

It’s even harder when companies try to sell you on the myth of the “easy website,” only to leave you hanging as you smash into the wall of reality a few months later.


  • Any Theme will work great!
  • Add tons of Plugins for functionality
  • You won’t need any code, ever!
  • Hire a designer when you need help
  • Updates will “just work”


  • Your site is slow, difficult to customize, and doesn’t rank
  • You have 22 Plugins; some have complex integrations
  • Something is broken, and you have nowhere to turn for help
  • Your designer stopped responding
  • You’re afraid to update because you might break something

You’ve experienced the pain; you’ve had the headaches; and now you know the truth—you’ve been sold a bunch of lies.

🥊 Fight back with Focus 🥊

The solution to your WordPress frustrations is Focus—the only Theme designed for the way internet behavior has changed in the age of social media.

Focus will help you:

  • Build a fast site that connects with your audience ⚡️
  • Create eye-catching pages that get results 👀
  • Conquer responsive design ↔️
  • Simplify your operating environment 🧹
  • Manage your site over time 🥷
  • Become confident in your website 😎

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One simple toolbox with everything you need…

Focus Content StylesPublishing new content is the most basic action you take on your website.

But if you’ve got a complicated Page Builder and a bunch of Plugins, even something as simple as publishing new content can become a technical nightmare 😱

Focus fixes this by adding a toolbox to the WordPress Editor with everything you need to create eye-catching pages that are guaranteed to work on any device.

Just highlight the text or element you want to style, and then select a Focus Content Style for instant gratification!

Focus Content Styles will transform your content creation process from a technical nightmare into a fun and easy experience. And they’ll make your pages better, too.

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Can a Theme really solve all your website problems? 🤔

Nope. Even though you’ll create a gorgeous and fast website with Focus, you’re still going to face some obstacles along the way.

Every website is different—you’ll want to implement things unique to you or your business—and at some point, you’re going to need some help on your journey!

Software isn’t enough. With Focus, you’ll always have a place to go for the assistance you need:

  • DIYthemes Forums — Many customers say this is the most valuable part of their Focus experience!

    “What makes it a no-brainer is your ruthless support of Focus users. I know that if I ever have a configuration or technical issue, I’ll have help getting it taken care of.”

    ~ Chris Henry, digital marketing agency

    “This past year has been the best ‘web design education’ that I have received since getting into this.”

    ~ Brian Kelly, guitar teacher

  • Private email support

    “Superior product, superior service.

    ~ Tim Smith, Jack Mountain Bushcraft School

    “Man, great response. I really appreciate that… Thanks so much for your time answering my question.”

    ~ J. K. Allen, Growth Effect Digital Marketing

  • YouTube channel with over 100 instructional videos

    “Thanks Chris – as usual techy stuff explained in easy to understand language. I also love how you explain the why as well as the how – appreciate your work.”

    ~ Kym Robinson, YouTube subscriber

    “Chris, I always listen to you like a student to a teacher. You got these qualities. Thank you for your service.”

    ~ Yoga Japa, YouTube subscriber

  • Detailed documentation

Sounds good, right? But everybody says they offer “heroic support”… until you actually need it 😂

So what makes Focus different?

The difference is that all official support responses come from one place—Focus creator Chris Pearson.

Not a support rep in another country. Not some apathetic person who just wants to get through the day and collect a paycheck.

No—you get authoritative, accurate responses from the man himself.

“Focus is so refined and patternized that you can describe any problem you have, and I’ll already know the solution—I don’t even need to see your site!”

~ Chris Pearson, Focus creator

Good luck finding that level of service anywhere else 😤

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See how you can make the pages you want with Focus 👀

Documentation is great, but show-and-tell is even better. And with Focus, you’ll have access to over 100 videos where I show you exactly what you need to do to create the pages you want.

For example, watch the following video on how to build a sales page with Focus, and you’ll see how to use:

…to create the kinds of pages that make you say, “Wow, that’s hot—I want that for my website!”

1 Focus Cards are a $47 add-on for Focus (one-time payment)

Get faster loading times on pages that include YouTube videos with the YouTube Box.

Focus allows me to understand how to achieve a goal. Other themes make it convoluted to add content and customize. With Focus I never have to guess. I just decide what the most efficient way to execute my idea is — and many times Focus makes the answer so obvious that I don’t have to decide!

It’s the most reliable and forward-thinking software I’ve ever used.

~ Brad Bordessa, Live Ukulele

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Common Questions About Focus 🙋

How can I make my Focus installation even more powerful?

Focus will make your site fast, and you’ll enjoy easy customizations, regardless of your skill level. But if you’re hardcore (like me), you’ll want to use these free Focus add-ons for extra help in certain situations:

  • Want to improve performance even more? Use the Clean Up WP Box to remove unwanted WP “features” and streamline your pages.
  • Are you a serious marketer? Use the Google Tag Manager Box to add your custom tags.
  • Customizing a site with lots of Plugins? By using the Move Plugin CSS Box to move Plugin CSS above Focus CSS, you’ll be able to use the same element targeting that appears in the Plugin CSS!
  • Want to promote your socials? Use the Social Media Profiles Box to add icon links to your profiles.

Looking for an even more professional touch? Enhance your design, streamline your navigation, set your socials on fire, and speed up your pages with these premium add-on Boxes for Focus:

  • Focus Cards — Promote your products or services with Cards, an eye-catching presentational format for your website
  • Breadcrumbs Box — Simplify your navigation with customizable breadcrumb trails
  • Open Graph Box — Make your content irresistibly clickable within social media feeds
  • YouTube Box — Improve loading times by at least 1.5 seconds on pages where you include YouTube videos

No matter where you want to go on your website journey, Focus has the tools to help you get there.

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Will Focus work with my favorite Page Builder?

Absolutely! Though it’s worth noting that Focus includes specialized templates you can use to create pages—like landing pages—that are significantly faster than whatever you make with a Page Builder.

This is critical because faster pages promote higher conversion rates.

Also, by creating your pages with Focus (instead of a Page Builder), you’ll benefit from better organization, which promotes easier customizations and easier site management over time.

Does Focus work with the Gutenberg editor?

Yes, Focus works the Gutenberg Editor. However, for best site performance, I recommend using the Classic Editor.

By using the Classic Editor and the Clean Up WP Box—free with Focus purchase—you’ll speed up your site by removing the 33kB (and growing!) of CSS that Gutenberg adds to every page.

Can I use Focus on my site?

No—you must have a installation in order to run Focus.

What makes Focus more valuable than other WordPress Themes?

Unlike every other WordPress Theme, Focus is optimized for the experience of running your website.

The key to understanding the value of Focus is the difference between stage 1 and stage 2 website thinking:

Is your WordPress Theme built to appease you right now? Or is it built for the journey and experience of running your website?

🧠 Use Focus now to save time, money, and frustration later!

Can I use Focus on sites for clients?

Yes! Please note that client domains count toward your licensed domain usage. If you need more domains, you can upgrade your Focus license at any time.

Can Focus be translated?

Yes! Focus is completely internationalized and ready for translation. We even have a dedicated forum category for translations, so you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

How does support work?

We offer two exceptional avenues for support—community forums and private email assistance.

Most customers prefer the forums because the quality of information is so high and because the Focus community is active at all hours of the day. However, if you’ve got a more sensitive question, I’m happy to address that through private, email-based support!

Why is Focus a recurring payment and not a one-time fee?

Focus must evolve to meet the needs of an ever-changing internet. This requires continuous development and testing to stay on the cutting edge and to ensure WordPress and PHP compatibility.

Beyond that, Focus is more than just a WordPress Theme—it’s a master class in how to run your website. Through the community forums (where we go deep on best customization practices) and private email support, you’ll have access to answers and expertise you simply will not get anywhere else.

Finally, you have total control over the recurring charges and can cancel at any time. You will not be charged in perpetuity because you are in control.

What will happen to my site(s) if my Focus license expires?

If your Focus license expires, your site(s) will still work, but they will no longer receive automatic updates.

In addition, you will not be able to download Focus, access the forums, or use private email support until your license is renewed.

Do you offer refunds?

Focus comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. To initiate a refund, contact us through private email support within 14 days of purchase.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about purchasing Focus, feel free to email us:

Did you notice? 🧐

You can find 9 different Focus Content Styles on this page: Center Text, Drop Cap, Extend, Pop, Buttons, Callouts, Caption, Highlight, and even Bar!

Also, the sections with colored backgrounds are called full-width bleeds—another cool and easy-to-use page design element you get with Focus!

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