Focus Website Showcase

Explore real Focus websites below and gain insight into how each is configured and how various customizations were made.

These sites do a fantastic job of minimizing their customization footprint by using the options built into Focus. This makes them fast and easy to manage.

And the text on each site looks appealing thanks to golden ratio typography, which is baked into the Focus cake.

Another thing that makes these sites stand out from the crowd is their use of Focus content presentation styles. These styles are easy to apply to any post or page, and they really enhance the appeal and scannability of your content!

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The Catholic Traveler
  • Focus Mode (centered column of text)
  • Breadcrumbs Box for enhanced navigation
  • eye-catching customizations with the Design Options
Tiny Little Businesses
  • Well-known marketer André Chaperon uses Focus to connect with superfans
  • Brilliant use of content presentation styles
  • Focus Mode
  • Author and podcaster
  • Smart use of Modular Content to serve email forms, book promos, and more!
  • Focus Mode
Off Road Action
  • Readability Mode (left-aligned column of text)
  • optional sidebar on posts
  • custom grid layout on archive pages
  • Google Ad integrations
  • Readability Mode for a left-side visual anchor
  • Breadcrumbs Box
  • simple customizations with the Design Options
  • Focus Mode
  • lots of custom imagery
  • custom fonts and colors via Design Options
  • creative use of Secondary Nav Menu
Lecciones de Armónica
  • Spanish-language courseware site
  • Focus Mode
  • all customizations made with Design Options
Dropkick Copy
  • Focus Mode for clarity
  • all customizations via Design Options
  • savvy use of content styles
  • Breadcrumbs Box on interior pages
Visual Impact Fitness
  • great use of WP Featured Images
  • Focus Mode
  • customizations via the Design Options
  • landing page template
Get Service Leads
  • B2B lead generation
  • eye-catching full-width content bleeds on home page
  • Focus Mode
  • call-to-action elements
Professional WordPress Websites in Hong Kong
  • website services business
  • Focus Mode
  • template customizations
  • effective use of Design Options
  • brochure-style site for attracting clients
  • Focus Mode
  • minimal customizations achieved through the Design Options
Dusty Circuit
  • delightfully minimalist design
  • Focus Mode
  • Using the Focus Footer Nav Menu
Not For Sale: One Step at a Time
Maria Bragança
  • musician’s website features a dark mode color scheme
  • all customizations made through the Design Options
  • using the YouTube Box
Bird Watching Sites
  • liberal use of custom templates
  • “page” style layout instead of default full-width layout
  • using the Open Graph Box
Creative Signals
  • SEO services provider
  • easy customizations via the Design Options
  • member of the “1-second club” (pages that load in ~1s)