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Thesis began its life as the first million-dollar WordPress Theme, but over time, it transformed into a modular template and design system for WordPress.

Themes that run on Thesis are called Skins, and FOCUS, our flagship product, is a Thesis Skin.

Thesis is no longer sold as a standalone product; the only way to get it is by purchasing FOCUS.

Continuously updated since 2008, Thesis is the most refined software in the WordPress ecosystem. It can help you:

  • Run a fast website that’s easy to manage
  • Deliver sites to clients more quickly… and with far less effort!
  • Extend WordPress functionality
  • Backup, restore, import, or export your designs
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Conquer responsive design issues

All that stuff is great, obviously, but it only matters if you’ve got actual visitors coming to your website.

And right now, the way people use websites is changing dramatically!

What’s happening is so important—and so different from the way things worked for the past decade—that I created a 4-step roadmap to help you understand and navigate the new, social-driven internet.

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The Internet has changed—has your site changed with it?

Follow my free 4-step roadmap to run a simple and fast website that:

  • Looks great everywhere
  • Delights your visitors
  • Saves you money

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