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Social Media Profiles Box

The Social Media Profiles Box enables you to add social media profile links to your Thesis-powered website.

Set up your social media profiles

After installing and activating this Box, click on the Social Profiles link in the Boxes menu of your Thesis Admin:

social media profiles link

Click on the Social Profiles link to visit the settings page.

On the settings page, enter the URLs of the social media profiles you want to include on your site:

social media profile URLs

Enter the full URL to each social media profile you want to include.

Output method 1: Automatic (easiest)

The Social Media Profiles Box settings page includes automatic placement options that make it easy to output profile links on your website.

Simply select an appropriate output location (or locations!) for your Skin, hit the save button, and boom—instant social media profile link goodness:

social media profiles automatic output

The example output shown here is from the Classic Responsive Skin.

Automatic output options will only work with Thesis Skins that include these hook locations! If you’re using a different Skin or just need more flexibility, try the manual output method explained below.

Output method 2: Manual (most control)

If you need absolute control over the output location of your social media profile links, you can use the Thesis Skin Editor to place the Social Profiles Box in your templates.

First, you need to deploy an instance of the Social Profiles Box from the dropdown selector on the right:

select social media profiles in the Skin Editor

Deploy an instance of the Social Profiles Box, and then…

Next, shift + drag the Social Profiles Box into the destination container. From here, you can drag it up or down to refine placement:

placing the Social Profiles Box in the Skin Editor

shift + drag this instance of the Social Profiles Box to the desired location.

Finally, be sure to click the green Save Template button after adding the Social Profiles Box to your template!

Please note: You will need to repeat this action for each template where you’d like your Social Media Profiles to appear. In this example, we have only added the Box to the Home template.

How to modify the profile link output order

By default, the Social Media Profiles Box outputs your profile links in alphabetical order. Thanks to the included thesis_social_profiles_order filter, you can output your profile links in any order you want.

To illustrate, let’s assume you only have 4 profile links—Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook—and you’d like to output them in precisely this order.

To accomplish this, you can add custom PHP code to Thesis:

add_filter('thesis_social_profiles_order', 'reorder_profiles');
function reorder_profiles($profiles) {
	return array(

You oughta know: If you have other profile links (like GitHub and LinkedIn, for example), they will not output if you use the precise code provided above. When using this filter, only the profiles you mention explicitly will be included.

You also need to know: Your filter’s array references must be identical to those listed below.

Included social media sites and filter references

  • Facebook — facebook
  • Github — github
  • Google+ — google
  • Instagram — instagram
  • LinkedIn — linkedin
  • Pinterest — pinterest
  • Twitter — twitter
  • Vimeo — vimeo
  • YouTube — youtube