Focus Cards: The ultimate eye-catching presentational format for your website

Cards are a clear and delightful way to tell your audience, “Hey—look at this thing!”

Take the DIYthemes home page, for example…

Focus Cards on

The DIYthemes home page includes attention-grabbing Cards to direct your focus!

It consists of two Cards, and even if you have no idea what DIYthemes does, the Cards strongly suggest you focus on these two items above all else.

In other words, Cards are a highly effective way to channel your visitors’ attention and direct it precisely where you want it to go!

Card-style presentations have proven so successful that they have become a standard element in “attention design,” and that’s what Focus Cards are all about.

The Focus Cards Box from DIYthemes adds this critical functionality to your site while making it delightfully easy to create, manage, and display your Cards.

Let’s take a closer look at how you’ll use Focus Cards to create professional design outcomes in minutes…and without professional help!