Power Up Your Website with Add-on Boxes

Focus includes everything you need to run a fast website you can manage. But if you want to add professional details and functionality, you can use these premium add-on Boxes to:

  • create special design elements for products, features, pitches, or any other “thing” you want to present to visitors
  • simplify your navigation
  • enhance your site’s visibility on social media
  • improve page load times wherever you have YouTube videos

Which Add-on Boxes will you use to WIN?

Focus Cards
Focus Cards

Capture visitors’ attention with Focus Cards, the irresistible, eye-catching presentational format for your website!

Breathe life into anythingproducts, courses, opt-in forms, topics, and more—by creating Cards to showcase what you have to offer.

They’re easy to use, and you’ll be thrilled with how you can create professional design elements in minutes!

Win with Focus Cards

Breadcrumbs Box for Thesis
Breadcrumbs Box

This add-on for Focus (and Thesis) improves your website navigation by creating clear pathways for visitors.

These pathways are simple and intuitive, and visitors will use them to move through your site with purpose and intent.

By using this clearer approach to website navigation, you’ll create more engagement and a greater connection with your visitors.

Connect with Breadcrumbs

Open Graph Box for Thesis
Open Graph Box

Did you know? Nobody browses websites anymore, but people do see links to your site as they scroll through social media feeds.

If you want people to click on those links, you’ll need a way to make your content stand out from the rest of the noise.

You can do this right away with the Open Graph Box—the key to making your content look professional and enticing within social media feeds!

Stand out with Open Graph

YouTube Box for Thesis
YouTube Box

Standard YouTube embeds are guaranteed to make your pages brutally slow.

When performance matters, these basic embeds aren’t gonna cut it!

Instead, you need to serve up your videos in a way that preserves lightning-fast loading times while also providing more output flexibility than standard embeds.

Fly with the YouTube Box