What are the most popular articles on the DIYthemes blog?

Earlier today, I woke up and I had a simple question:

What are the most popular articles on DIYthemes so far in 2012?

So, I dug into the analytics, and I found the Top 10 articles on DIYthemes.

And today, I want to share them with you… just in case you missed ’em.

10. What WordPress Plugins Are Vital to the Success Of Your Blog?

Coming in at a solid 10th place… is this article I wrote a few weeks back about “what plugins you should include on your WordPress blog.”

I’m not surprised, either. People seemingly love plugins, and they add a TON of them to their site without realizing what too many plugins can do to the performance of your site.

That’s why this article about WordPress plugins is a MUST-READ.

9. The Ultimate Guide to the Thesis Theme Feature Box

John Sexton whipped together an awesome tutorial about the Thesis Theme feature box, and people LOVE it.

It makes sense, too. Feature Boxes are a great way to convert visitors into email subscribers.

8. How to Create a Blog Sidebar that Converts

Your blog sidebar is found on almost every page of your blog (aside from your landing pages).

And that’s why I’m not surprised to see that people want to learn more about blog sidebar design that converts.

7. Email Marketing for Everybody

I’m an email marketing fanatic…

Why? Because it works.

And that’s why I’m excited to see that the Email Marketing for Everybody has been a huge hit on DIYthemes blog.

6. What’s the #1 WordPress SEO Tactic Every Blogger Should Implement?

And coming in at 6th place… is this simple tip to improving your blog’s SEO.

It makes sense, too. It’s one simple tactic that almost anyone can implement.

5. 30 Free CSS3 Web Buttons for Your Blog

I’m not surprised by this mainly because people love free downloads.

And that’s why the 30 Free CSS3 Web Buttons was a huge hit.

(Nice job Alex, the kid).

4. How to Get More Twitter Followers

If you’re looking to get more twitter followers, then you’ve got to read this article. It’s a no fluff, data-driven article about how to get more followers on twitter, and you won’t be disappointed.

(No wonder it’s the 4th most visited page on the DIYthemes blog)

3. How to Improve WordPress SEO

You know how much I love resource pages… and the reason why I love them is because they’re GREAT at generating traffic.

That’s why I’m not surprised to see the WordPress SEO for Everybody series coming in at #3.

2. How to Make Your WordPress Website Load Faster

Here’s the bottom line:

Now that people know that page speed is important for conversion rates and SEO, everyone wants to know how to speed up their WordPress website.

And that’s why this article by Willie Jackson came in at second place. “How to Improve Website Load Times.”

If you haven’t read it, go check it out.

1. How to Create an Online Store

Coming in at first place…

…is the article all about “how to create an online store” by Nina Cross.

This is great news, and based on this, you should expect some more content from us about online stores in the coming months.

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