Thesis Setup Guide

Install and Activate Thesis

  1. Install and Activate Thesis
  2. Enter Your Thesis License Key

Get to Know the Thesis Admin

The Thesis Admin is where you can make design customizations, manage Thesis and its components, and even set up some handy site management tools (like Google Analytics).

Set Up Your New Thesis Skin

Skins are unique web designs that run on the Thesis platform. Although each one has different options, they all work in essentially the same way.

This might not seem like a big deal, but the implications are huge. Simply put, if you learn to work with one Skin, you’ve effectively learned to work with them all.

1. Initial Setup

If you just installed Thesis, you’ll want to check out the Classic Responsive Skin setup guide and go through the initial configuration.

Using a different Skin? Setup requirements vary depending on the Skin, and you can find guides in our official Skin documentation.

2. Are You Running WordPress Multisite?

If so, you’ll need to tweak your .htaccess rules for Multisite compatibility.

3. Design Customizations

Once you’ve finished setting up your Skin, it’s time to play with your design. Check out these helpful videos to see what you can do with the Skin Design and Content Options!

Configure Your Site for Success

When you’re finished getting acquainted with your Skin, set up the following items to ensure your site is completely ready to rock:

  1. Set up Google Analytics to track visitor behavior
  2. Add a favicon and enhance your site’s branding
  3. Add Blog Page SEO details to make search engines happy
  4. Set up a custom 404 page to assist wayward visitors

Site Options are universal! The options from the list above will apply to your site no matter which Skin you use. By setting them now, you’ll be able to optimize your site and position it for future success.

Install Add-on Boxes

If you have any add-on Boxes to install (either from DIYthemes or elsewhere), then you can watch the following video to learn how to install and activate a Box:

See how to install and activate a Thesis Box