Creating a Custom 404 Page with Thesis

If you’ve ever seen a “404 — Page Not Found!” error, then you’ve seen a default 404 Page.

With Thesis, you can provide your visitors with a completely custom 404 experience by selecting any WordPress page to serve as your 404 page.

Simply visit Thesis AdminSite404 Page, and you’ll be able to select a custom 404 page from the WordPress pages in the dropdown list.

Best of all, you’ll be able to edit this page at any time to provide an up-to-date experience for wayward visitors who end up in the wrong place on your site.

Pro tip: If you don’t yet have a WordPress page suitable for your 404 page, simply create a new page, and then return to the Thesis 404 Page options to select your new page.

The following quick video illustrates the steps involved in selecting a custom 404 page with Thesis: