Everything You Need to Know About the All-New DIYthemes

First things first—DIYthemes has a new customer account system. For security reasons, you’ll need to reset your password to verify your account on this new system. (This is a one-time thing.)

Follow the instructions in the yellow box on the new login page.

More on your new account in a moment, but first…

Focus is Available Now!

If you watched one of my videos from the past few months, then you already know what’s up with Focus. In case you didn’t know—Focus is the new product from DIYthemes; here’s the info you need:

Technically, Focus is just a Thesis Skin. This makes it super easy to get up and running, as it fits right into the environment you’re already familiar with.

Some people are saying it’s what they always wanted Thesis to be. After building out the all-new DIYthemes website on Focus, I have to agree—this feels like a really big deal.

Bottom line?

Focus will make your site faster; it’ll make customizations far easier; and it’ll simplify your site, which will make it easier to maintain over time.

Also, Focus is now the only—focus—of DIYthemes.

Wait, so that means…?

Thesis is no longer for sale.

But let’s not overreact here—Thesis is absolutely critical for Focus.

Focus cannot do any of the cool stuff it does without Thesis. Beyond that, Focus’ growth and success are dependent upon the continued growth of Thesis.

Nearly all the changes in Thesis 2.8, for example, were necessary to pave the way for Focus to do what it does.

So what does all this mean for you?

  • As long as you have an active Thesis (or Focus) License, you will continue to receive Thesis updates.
  • Our old Skins are no longer available for purchase, but you will always be able to access any Skins you own on your My Account page.
  • All active development is now geared toward Focus; we will not add new features to older Skins.

“Older Skins” include Classic Responsive (which is still the default that ships with every Thesis installation), Pearsonified, Social Triggers, Effectus, Flex, and Promo.

Introducing new DIYthemes forums!

We have brand new forums that are clearer, easier to navigate, and about a zillion times better than our old ones.

The old forums are no longer accessible, but I still have the database and may set up read-only access at some point in the future.

The point of these new forums is to provide official, standardized answers to common questions and problems with both Focus and Thesis.

The old forums were kind of all over the place; these new forums will be more targeted, more clear, and more concise—this means better answers with less digging!

What about my forum and email support access?

If you purchased Thesis before November 22, 2017, you will have lifetime access to the new forums and email support.

If you purchased Thesis between November 22, 2017, and March 15, 2018, you will be able to access the new forums and support until March 15, 2019 (even if your account has already expired!).

If you purchased Thesis after March 15, 2018, you’ll be able to access the forums and support for one year from your purchase date.

To see when you purchased Thesis, check out your purchase history. (And don’t worry about the $ totals—they are incorrect for older purchases, but the products and dates are accurate.)

Once your forum + support access expires, you can get it back by purchasing a Focus license.

What about Client Site Licenses?

If you purchased Client Site Licenses for Thesis or Client Domains for Focus…

Please open a support ticket about this, and I will increase the number of domain activations for both Focus and Thesis by the number of Client Licenses/Domains you have.

Still have questions?

After verifying your DIYthemes account, head on over to the new Forums and post your question as a new topic.