Focus Setup Guide for New Websites

If you’re setting up a new WordPress website, check out my recommendations for a basic WordPress setup before installing Focus.


Install Thesis, install Focus, and then enter your license keys

  1. Install and Activate Focus
  2. Enter your Thesis License Key
  3. Enter your Focus License Key

General Site Settings

Sitewide settings apply regardless of your design; set them once and forget ’em!

Although the following items are optional, I use each one on every site I set up:

Presentation and Branding

Choose your preferred content presentation mode and incorporate your branding

Plugin Integrations

Make sure Plugin functionality is working before customizing your design

At this point, most WordPress Plugins should “just work” on your website. However, if you’re using a Plugin that requires code-level integration, you may be able to use the following items in Focus to achieve what you need:

Pro tip: Integrate Plugins before customizing your design.

You can only customize effectively when the parts of your website are already in place!

Design Customizations

Use the Design Options to customize fonts, colors, and more!