Focus Setup Guide

Work your way through the guidelines established on this page, and you’ll set up your entire WordPress website—not just Focus—for peak performance!

Configuring WordPress for Success

Set up basic properties and choose which type of site you want to run


Install Thesis, install Focus, and then enter your license keys

  1. Install and Activate Focus
  2. Enter your Thesis License Key
  3. Enter your Focus License Key

General Site Settings

Sitewide settings apply regardless of your design; set them once and forget ’em!

Although the following items are optional, I use each one on every site I set up:

Presentation and Branding

Choose your preferred content presentation mode and incorporate your branding

Great news! You’re getting close to the point where it makes sense to play around with fonts and colors—you know, the fun parts of the customization process!

But before you can do that, you need to address Customization Part 1 and Plugin Integrations.

Remember—you can only customize effectively when the key elements of your website are already in place!

Design Customization Part 1: Element Display

Use the Content & Display Options to tweak what displays in your templates

Plugin Integrations

Make sure Plugin functionality is working before customizing your design

Most WordPress Plugins should “just work” on your website. However, if you’re using a Plugin that requires code-level integration, you may be able to use the following items in Focus to achieve what you need:

Design Customization Part 2: Styles

Use the Design Options to customize fonts, colors, and more!

First, get acquainted with the Focus Design System by learning how to set up your base options and then deploy them in your design:

Next, watch these videos for specific examples of how to use the Focus Design Options like a pro!

And if you really want to become an unstoppable customizer, you’ll find the following document quite helpful:

How to Create Rich and Engaging Content with Focus

You’ve learned how to design your site; now learn how to design your content with built-in Focus features

Attention! While Focus works with both the Gutenberg and Classic WordPress Editors, I use the Classic Editor in the demo videos below. See why:

Hungry for more? Head back to the Focus Docs or come say hi over in the DIYthemes forums.