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You are looking at the basic Page template for Focus. If you’d like to see other templates, browse the navigation links above, and you’ll get a great idea of precisely what you can do with this Skin.

Thesis Skins Are Precisely Engineered Web Designs

When deciding on a new design for your website, it’s important to choose a Thesis Skin that most closely approximates the look you ultimately want to have.

With that in mind, you may want to check out the following:

Thesis has been known for its superior typography and attention to detail for nearly a decade. As you probably guessed, this is no accident.

Proper typographic presentation makes your visitors feel more comfortable when using your site and also promotes more—and faster—reading.

This is why we place such tremendous importance on perfectly-tuned typography and also employ precise, mathematically-driven spacing in all our Thesis Skin designs.

You simply cannot afford to compromise on some details, and this is one of them!

Thesis Skins Provide Unmatched SEO for Your WordPress Website

Thesis has been the gold standard for SEO in WordPress themes since 2008. Our dedication to innovation, web standards, and optimized performance ensures this will continue to be the case for years to come.

One example of a newer SEO innovation in Thesis is the way it handles markup Schema.

The granular control here is remarkable—you can select a specific Schema on any post or page, and your Thesis Skin will use this Schema instead of the default.

Thesis Skins Are Incredibly Easy to Customize!

Official Thesis Skins from DIYthemes include easy-to-use options that make customizations quick and fun!

See how powerful and effective you can be with the Design and Content options you’ll get with any of our Skins.