Focus Page Template

For certain applications, it’s desirable to have a template that provides a centered presentation with minimal visual noise.

The Focus Page template is perfect for this type of presentation, and it includes all sorts of interesting styles you can deploy to make your offer look fantastic.

select a custom templateIt’s easy to apply custom templates (like this Focus Page) to any post or page of your website. Simply open up the post in the WordPress editor, and then select a Focus Skin Custom Template from the available dropdown.

The Fantastically Flexible Focus Presentation Style

Wherever possible, Focus presentation styles are set up to be automatically awesome. One example of this is with sub-headlines like the one above.

On smaller screens, sub-headlines are scaled down by the golden ratio to ensure they are a “sane size” for those devices. This preserves both readability and scannability, two qualities that are key to the success of any web page!

And the best part? You don’t have to do a darn thing—Focus takes care of this stuff automatically.

Extend Anything for Bigger Big Screen Impact

Focus includes a ridiculously smooth new design convention known as “extending.” This convention only has an effect on larger screens, but it’s cool and useful in both the Focus and Readability presentation modes.

When you deploy the extend class on any element, Focus allows that element to “spill over” into the layout and use up as much horizontal space as possible.

See this in action below in an “extended” image with caption!

The Deuce

You can also create inline captions (like this one) for images or videos.

But like I said, this works with more than just images—in fact, you can extend anything!

The videos on the Focus features page, for example, have been extended for greater cinematic effect on large screens.

And if you want to get crazy, you can extend text callouts like alerts, notes, or boxes. As you can see, extensions are extreme attention-grabbers—this is an alert you simply cannot miss!

Bottom line? Focus makes thoughtful, behind-the-scenes adjustments to ensure the integrity of your content on any device.

And it also provides savvy presentational styles you can use to create rich, engaging pages that will help you achieve your website goals!