The 9 Essential (Body) Parts of Your Web Business

head stand

The start of the year always inspires shaping up and getting healthier, doesn’t it?

Now that we’re approaching the end of the first quarter, have you considered the health of your business, too?

Here’s a head-to-toe breakdown of how to make sure each part of your web business is in top form this year.

BRAIN: Create or revisit your business plan.

A great company can’t thrive without it. It doesn’t have to be formal unless you’re seeking investors. But know where you’d like your business to be in 2012. And 2016.

Entrepreneurs and small companies are able to change and implement their business plans easily. If you want to change your plan, make sure you’ve sifted through all of your ideas to focus on just a couple of great ones.

EYES: Visualize the future, but see the present, too.

If you don’t have it, install Google Analytics on your website right now. See how your site is being found and where your visitors are coming from. Seek them out. And market to them.

NOSE: Sniff out your competition.

Know what other brands are doing in your same field. Research who their customers are. Check out their logos and websites. Discover where else online they’re hanging out. Compare their pricing. Don’t copy, but if you’re looking to change things up with your business, choose one or two to model yours after.

EARS: Listen to what your clients are saying.

What blog posts are they commenting on? Are they talking about your business via social networking? Are they asking for products or services that you don’t currently offer? Are they jumping up and down with excitement about your brand? Always keep your ears open.

MOUTH: Be smart about your marketing and don’t be afraid to revise your plan.

If your standard button ad isn’t driving visits or sales, then change it or focus your attention elsewhere. Test your results.

Also, be selective about how many social media accounts you want to manage. And, if you don’t have time to keep up your blog, try a Facebook fan page instead.

If you don’t want to maintain a Facebook page, use Twitter. Decide where it makes the most sense to spend your time.

And don’t forget to promote your online space by handing out business cards and marketing materials offline, too.

ARMS: Reach out to your audience.

If you blog, grow your fan base by regular posting and commenting. Give away free white papers with an opt-in (DIYthemes did it with Nonverbal Website Intelligence).

Also, interact on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. All of these tools allow you to not only communicate with your fans, but to really connect with them, too.

LEGS: Create solid products and services to stand on.

Your business won’t survive without them. Developing new products and updating current ones is essential to staying ahead of the competition, too.

SKIN: Make sure your business has a brand identity.

Your logo, website, packaging and marketing should all be cohesively designed to represent your business and create a unique brand identity.

Even if your brand is yourself, the first questions people will ask are: What do you do? What do you sell? Why should I remember you? Convey this mission with a powerful logo image and tagline. Then use it everywhere. You’ll create both a visual connection and a memorable brand identity.

Also, take look at your website’s landing page. Does it tell your visitors what to do? Do you want them to sign up for your list? Do you want them to buy your product? Make it clear at a glance.

HEART: Get that emotional connection.

How do you want your customers to feel when they see or think of your brand? If you make that deeper connection, they’ll give you their loyalty. And then they’ll tell their friends how much they love you, too.

The heart of your brand is what will truly elevate your business above the others.

And the whole of your business will be healthier if you nurture all the parts.

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