Slow sites suck. Focus makes yours FAST!

Make your website faster, easier to customize, and easier to manage with the Focus WordPress Theme.


Have you noticed how everything about WordPress seems to be getting more and more complicated?

Themes, Plugins, page builders, the Gutenberg editor—it’s all just more, more, MORE!

Savvy operators know more isn’t always better. (And anyone with serious WordPress experience knows it’s usually an absolute nightmare!)

What if you don’t want more headaches and more technical crap to deal with?

What if “tinker with my website until my head explodes” is not on your list of interests? What can you do?

You’ve only got one option.

You’ve got to Focus.

Focus is a simple, thoughtful, and ruthlessly effective response to the over-complication and bloat we’ve all experienced with our websites after following the “WordPress way.”

In the video below, I’ll illustrate how Focus conquers responsive design and makes your site look perfect—and consistent—on every device.

I’ll reveal the visual template editor that makes customizations easier by cutting out the technical crap (FTP, file editors, and code—yuck).

I’ll show you how Focus nails the details to make your site faster, more efficient, and better for search engines.

You’ll see that Focus is how your website wins. Watch! ↓

This video is delivered in a high-performance way by the YouTube Box from DIYthemes.

If an in-depth video about building great websites isn’t your thing, I’ve prepared some other content to shed more light on the “Focus ethos:”

Once you’re on board with the Focus ethos, I’d like you to take a closer look at the features that will make your life easier. Click the button below to get started!

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We make more than just Focus, too.

We’re obsessed with website performance and optimization. After you get Focus, you can improve other aspects of your WordPress website with these fantastic tools:

  • Breadcrumbs Box — increase the value of your existing traffic with enhanced navigation
  • Open Graph Box — make your content look irresistible within social media feeds
  • YouTube Box — easily include YouTube videos while preserving your site’s performance

In short, we make the tools you need to run a blazing-fast website that gets results.


Everything about your website gets better when you’ve got the right tools for the job.

See how Focus and the Breadcrumbs Box have improved people’s websites:

You’ll have easier customizations that are cheap to maintain…

“Focus is seriously cool. Planning a big redesign and it will make my life way easier.”

~ John Harries, small business owner

“Focus has more than halved the time it takes me to create a new design and layout.”

~ Martin Malden, Abledragon Marketing

“I just want to congratulate you for Focus, because the design system is GENIUS!!! …now can I do whatever I want, faster and more wisely.”

~ Jérôme Lacroix, web developer

Learn more about the Focus Design System

You’ll deliver a better experience for your audience…

“I’m happy with Focus. The speed is amazing.”

~ Malte Polzin, digital business consultant

“It’s the technical excellence that convinces me and the ease of use that helps me (a non technical guy) to provide a fast and responsive blog to my users.”

~ Andreas Gerads, German Style Magazine

“You’re a ruthless champion for the end user experience”

~ Jim Hudson, digital marketing agency

Learn more about how Focus is optimized for speed

You won’t need to rely on so many Plugins…

“LOVE this, Chris! I’ve been using Shortcodes Ultimate for years to create custom shortcodes for content insertion, but formatting is always a challenge. So happy you’ve added Modular Content shortcodes!”

~ André Chaperon, Tiny Little Businesses

“Looking forward to Focus Modular Content. This will kill another plugin. I use post snippets right now.”

~ Volker Knoeringer, web developer

“Focus is a plugin killer machine lol”

~ Ariel Berloto, physics teacher, web dev, and musician

Learn more about Modular Content

You’ll enjoy thorough, thoughtful, and tenacious support…

“Superior product, superior service.”

~ Tim Smith, Jack Mountain Bushcraft School

“Man, great response. I really appreciate that…Thanks so much for your time you applied to my answering my question.”

~ J. K. Allen, Growth Effect Digital Marketing

“It’s amazing what we can learn here on top of an already kick-ass product.”

~ Jordan Francis, SEO professional

You’ll benefit from smart solutions to fundamental problems…

“Great stuff Chris, been playing with the Breadcrumbs Box this morning. Amazing. Love the docs, as well. Thank you”

~ Ian Grindey, website self-starter

“Now that Chris has released the Breadcrumb Box he has solved one of the most perplexing problems with a navigation menu.”

~ Richard Brassaw, web content strategist

“Works perfectly. went from ‘should I buy this’ to ‘this thing is a bargain.’”

~ Kramer Wetzel,

Learn more about the Breadcrumbs Box

Bottom line? Your entire experience will be awesome.

“Focus over-delivers on everything I look for in a WordPress theme, including lightning-fast loading speeds, unmatched readability, distraction free design, minimal need for plugins, and so much more. Your rigorous defense of the end user experience is incredible, and Focus is a perfect reflection of that. But what makes it a no-brainer is your ruthless support of Focus users. I know that if I ever have a configuration or technical issue, I’ll have help getting it taken care of.”

~ Chris Henry, digital marketing agency

Step up your website game with Focus