Be Sure to Avoid These WordPress Editor Gotchas!

In a previous article, I revealed how the Gutenberg Editor is destroying your WordPress website, and I recommended you use the Classic Editor instead.

Although the Classic Editor won’t screw up your site to the extent Gutenberg will, it’s still got plenty of issues you’ll need to avoid and techniques you need to know if you want to run a standards-compliant website that’s easy to maintain.

Watch the video below, and I’ll transform you into a world-class content producer by covering the following key points:

  • Standards-compliant centering
  • Proper bolding and italicization
  • Why you should not use <h1> tags (Heading 1) inside your content
  • Why it’s critical to minimize the number of idiosyncratic customization touchpoints you create in your content

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How to Build a Winning Website in the Age of Social Media

Is your website running off an old script? 🤔

Social media has completely changed the way we use the internet, yet most of our websites still look and work the way they did 10 years ago.

This new era demands a new approach.

And that’s why I’ve created a helpful content series to provide you with the insights, tips, and skills you’ll need on your journey.

Click the button below to read part 1 of my free, 7-part series on how to build a winning website in the age of social media 👇

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