How the Gutenberg Editor is Destroying Your WordPress Website

It’s no secret—the Gutenberg Editor has been the most controversial topic in WordPress since its launch in December 2018.

I was critical of Gutenberg when it launched, but I also know it’s ridiculous to judge software upon its initial release.

So I backed off the criticism a bit and let things marinate. I watched closely as my customers played with Gutenberg, and I dealt with negative consequences from the new editor in my support channels.

At this point, enough time has passed that I feel like I’ve given it a “fair shake.”

And I gotta tell ya—what Gutenberg is doing to WordPress websites is disastrous.

It’s bad enough that Gutenberg is making your website slower while also making your HTML less standards-compliant. (This stuff influences your search engine rankings, too, by the way.)

But what Gutenberg is doing to your content database is simply inexcusable. It is quite literally ruining your website and making it so you will not be able to make adaptations in the future.

Wanna change your design? If you’ve crafted a bunch of content with Gutenberg, you are in for a special kind of hell.

I want you to understand the risks and the harsh reality you’re facing with Gutenberg, so I made a video where I show you precisely how it is ruining your content. (I also show you various ways it sucks, but that’s not even the point…)

Of course, I’ll also show you what you can do to keep Gutenberg from complicating your future and ruining your website, so be sure to watch the video below!

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