How to Break the “I have no traffic” Curse

You need traffic…

Traffic is the fuel that feeds your online business, but you’re just not getting any.

You’ve worked hard, spent hours writing post after post, and you’ve tried every tactic and SEO trick, and still, nothing!

It’s almost as if your blog is cursed!

Why Is Your Blog Cursed?

You watch the big players, and try to do what they do, but still, you’re not getting the results you want.

But it isn’t a curse that’s holding you back. It’s about knowledge.

When you watch the big players, you can see what they do, and what they produce, but you can’t see what they do behind the scenes.

You can’t see the logic, the strategy, or the reason why they do what they do, and that’s KEY.

Remember the iceberg that sunk the Titanic? Yeah, most of it was underwater, and invisible. Well, the same thing goes on in the blog world.

In other words, you can copy what they do, but it’s just not going to work, unless you figure out what’s hiding beneath the surface.

What Are The Experts Hiding From You?

You’re not sure, and when you tried to figure it out, that’s when things really went off the rails.

See, you didn’t know what the problem was, so you just started changing everything:

Sound familiar?

Since you didn’t know what the problem was, you kept changing things with the hope of figuring it out.

But still, your traffic never went up because you weren’t changing the right things.

How can you discover the right things?

Start With the Right Questions

Easier said than done. I know, because it happened to me, too.

Things only changed when I stopped trying to figure it out on my own, and tried to learn from people who had already done what I was trying to do.

I didn’t just read what they wrote. If I did, I’d still be cursed.

Instead, I asked 30 different audience-building superstars this simple question:

How would you build an engaged audience, from scratch?

And when I got 30 different answers, each of which that were relevant to my exact problem, I realized it was all about the right questions.

What Question Should You Ask?

If you want to succeed with your own blog, then you need to start by asking the right question.

How do you find the right question?

Think about the chain of your conversions…

Step 1: You must attract strangers to your site with great content. (a.k.a. you need more traffic)

Step 2: You hope these strangers like what you’re doing, and become leads. (a.k.a. they must subscribe to your email list)

Step 3: You’ve got to turn those leads into customers.

Step 4: You’ve got to turn customers into repeat customers.

Now ask yourself this:

“Where is your chain breaking down?”

What part of this four-step process are you struggling with?

Once you know the specific part you need help with, focus on crafting a question that addresses it.

With me, I knew I was struggling with step 1, which is why I came up with the “How would you build an engaged audience from scratch?”

If you’re struggling with the same question, I compiled all of the answers in a book where you can get insight from people like Guy Kawasaki, Derek Halpern, and a whole bunch of other cool people.

But if you’re struggling with other steps in the equation, you’ve got to come up with the right question, and then find the right people to ask.

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