Promo Skin Changelog

Version 1.3 (Released August 21, 2017)

Header Image functionality has been replaced by newer Logo functionality. If you were using a header image before, you will need to re-select your image as a Logo.

  • Completely reworked skin.php for Thesis 2.4 compatibility and to take advantage of new features, including…
  • Added Google Fonts from the Thesis Skin API
  • Added Editor CSS for WYSIWYG display in the WordPress post editor
  • Updated and optimized FontAwesome integration with new icons throughout the design
  • Added box class support for more formatting flexibility
  • WooCommerce support!
  • Replaced Header Image functionality with Thesis Skin API Logo functionality
  • Changed default link color for a more complementary presentation
  • Reworked grt vs. post_box styles to make grt styles more portable
  • Added documentation link
  • Added changelog link
  • Removed old FontAwesome files
  • Removed image files that are no longer necessary
  • Removed vendor prefixes from CSS where appropriate

Version 1.2 (Released May 8, 2014)

  • Released under MIT license
  • Updated FontAwesome to version 4.0.3
  • Changed /font folder to /fonts (standardized Skin naming schema)
  • Improved responsive landscape display for iOS devices
  • Added LinkedIn and GitHub to Social Media Profiles Box
  • Added nina_cross_promo_profiles filter to Social Media Profiles Box so you can easily add any social network profile (assuming it has a corresponding FontAwesome icon)
  • Removed comments from Front Page and 404 templates
  • Logo now replaces site title via filter, which removes the need to add/subtract CSS when a logo is added/removed
  • Google WebFont scripts will only display if one or more Google Fonts are chosen
  • Removed bold text style from <dt> elements
  • Added CSS for <sub>, <sup>, and footnotes
  • Added Full Page template