How to Add Icons to the Promo Social Media Profiles List

Users of the Promo Skin for Thesis already know of its social media profile icon links feature, a convenient way to link to your social media profiles using stylish icons from the FontAwesome collection. Promo 1.2 enhances this feature by enabling you to add many more profile icons and links via an easy-to-use filter which you can place in Promo’s custom.php file.

Through this filter, you may add a social media profile to the default Promo list and add the appropriate icon by selecting the specific icon name (everything which follows the prefix fa-) from this Font Awesome spec list.

As an example, let’s say that I would like to add icons for Flickr and Vimeo and link them to my accounts or profiles there. In addition, let’s say that I’d prefer to use a different LinkedIn icon rather than the default. Here is the function which would accomplish this with the new nina_cross_promo_profiles filter:

function add_profiles($profiles) {
	return array_merge($profiles, array(
		'flickr' => array(
			'label' => 'Flickr'),
		'linkedin-square' => array(
			'label' => 'LinkedIn (Square)'),
		'vimeo-square' => array(
			'label' => 'Vimeo')));
add_filter('nina_cross_promo_profiles', 'add_profiles');

Before array, you place the specific icon name as provided by Font Awesome: again, everything which follows the fa- prefix. After label, you provide a descriptive name for this particular profile and icon choice. For example, the linkedin-square icon is given the label LinkedIn (Square) to distinguish it from the LinkedIn icon choice without a square background.

promo_social_profile_fieldsUse an FTP program or the file manager provided in your web hosting control panel to access the custom.php file located in the Promo skin folder. Enter the function into custom.php, then save the file. When you access your in-dash list of profiles via Thesis Home > Boxes > Promo Social Media Profiles, you will find your new additions at the end of the list, as shown on the right.

Enter the appropriate profile URLs into the fields and save.