display() — Thesis Skin API Method

All Thesis Boxes are equipped with display filters that allow them to be included or excluded from Skin template output on the front end. Skin Display Options leverage these filters to bring a configurable output experience to the user.

The first step in adding Display Options to your Skin is to include a display() method and have it return an array of your desired options in Thesis Options API array format:

protected function display() {
	return array();

By their nature, display options are simple and can be expressed in a binary on/off format—either a Box is set to display, or else it’s suppressed. Because of this, checkboxes are the input element of choice for Display Options in the Thesis interface.

Attention! Supplying a display() method only initiates the Display Options interface and allows display data to be saved. It is up to the Skin developer to implement Display Options by supplying a display_elements() method.