Thesis Box Display Filters

Thesis Box display filters allow finite control over the output and functionality of some Boxes. In practice, Skin developers can use these filters to make their templates more flexible for users.

Single-instance, Independent Core Boxes

Box display filters follow a simple naming convention that depends on the type of Box as well as its admin properties (which can be controlled from the Skin Editor).

Single-instance, independent core Boxes follow the simplest display filter naming convention:


Where [box_class_name] represents the PHP class name of the applicable Box.

Core Thesis Boxes that fall into this category are:

  • thesis_site_title
  • thesis_site_tagline
  • thesis_comments_intro
  • thesis_previous_post_link
  • thesis_next_post_link
  • thesis_previous_posts_link
  • thesis_next_posts_link
  • thesis_archive_title
  • thesis_archive_content
  • thesis_attribution
  • thesis_wp_admin

Setting a Display ID on Multi-instance and Dependent Boxes

Unlike the core Boxes listed above, multi-instance Boxes require special filter naming treatment.

Since each instance of a multi-instance Box has the same class name, it also has the same filter as all other instances of that Box. Obviously, this is bad if your goal is to exercise finite control over your template output.

To combat this problem, multi-instance Boxes contain a Display ID that Skin developers can use to differentiate between Box instances:

/* multi-instance display filter naming convention */

Display IDs can be supplied on a per-Box basis inside the Skin Editor; eligible Boxes will contain an Admin tab in the options popup where Skin developers can supply this information.

To illustrate how the display filter naming convention works, let’s look at a theoretical HTML Container Box that has a Display ID of sidebar. Here’s the resulting display filter for that Box, which has a base class name of thesis_html_container:

  • thesis_html_container_sidebar_show

Note: If no Display ID is supplied for a multi-instance or dependent Box, that Box will revert to the simple, class-based filter name described in the section above.

The following is a comprehensive list of class names for core Thesis Boxes that have display filter controls:

Independent Rotator Boxes

  • thesis_html_container
  • thesis_post_box
  • thesis_comments
  • thesis_comment_form
  • thesis_trackbacks
  • thesis_query_box

Independent Boxes

  • thesis_wp_nav_menu
  • thesis_comments_nav
  • thesis_wp_widgets
  • thesis_text_box

Dependent Boxes

  • thesis_post_headline
  • thesis_post_date
  • thesis_post_author
  • thesis_post_author_avatar
  • thesis_post_author_description
  • thesis_post_edit
  • thesis_post_content
  • thesis_post_excerpt
  • thesis_post_num_comments
  • thesis_post_categories
  • thesis_post_tags
  • thesis_post_image
  • thesis_post_thumbnail
  • thesis_wp_featured_image
  • thesis_comment_author
  • thesis_comment_avatar
  • thesis_comment_date
  • thesis_comment_number
  • thesis_comment_permalink
  • thesis_comment_edit
  • thesis_comment_text
  • thesis_comment_reply
  • thesis_comment_form_title
  • thesis_comment_form_cancel
  • thesis_comment_form_name
  • thesis_comment_form_email
  • thesis_comment_form_url
  • thesis_comment_form_comment
  • thesis_comment_form_submit