Too Easy: Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics Experiments Boxes

I’m happy to introduce two new Boxes for Thesis Professionals today: Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics Experiments.

Both Google Tag Manager and Analytics Experiments require <script> placements that were difficult to access in versions of Thesis prior to 2.3, making an otherwise simple integration somewhat complicated.

Not anymore. With Thesis 2.3+ and these new Boxes, integration has never been easier!

Google Tag Manager Box

If you’d like to use Google Tag Manager on your Thesis-powered site, go ahead and download the Google Tag Manager Box, and then follow these simple instructions to get it working.

Google Analytics Experiments Box

Are you a mad scientist? Do you aspire to be one?

Download the Google Analytics Experiments Box, and then follow these instructions to get it working and to go all “scientific method” on your website!

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