Focus OmniTweet

Take control of your social media content and become uncancellable with Focus OmniTweet.

Instead of posting directly to social media, you can now create tweets and threads on your own website, where they’ll be safe from the threat of cancellation or shadowbanning.

After crafting your content—and editing it, if you want—you choose when to post it to Twitter. This flips the script by making your website the origin point for your content, not Twitter.

But that’s not even the best part!

With OmniTweet, you’ll be able to build out your website automatically simply by creating valuable content threads.

This means never worrying about posting another 1500-word article to satisfy your audience.

And no more guilt over the fact you haven’t posted in a while.

Simply do what you’re already doing—posting short form tweets and threads to your social media accounts—and OmniTweet will handle the rest:

  • Automatically creating pages for your threads
  • Optimizing your thread pages for easy reading
  • Setting up your site to become an SEO powerhouse

What’s the big idea here?

You’re already putting a ton of effort into your social media presence—in fact, this is where a vast majority of your content creation now takes place.

But unfortunately, these efforts are fragile because your account could be cancelled at any time…for any reason!

And that’s not all—by posting solely to social media sites, you are giving up some of the most critical benefits of creating content on the internet:

  • Ownership — When you post content on your site, you own both the content and the resulting benefits
  • SEO — Enjoy more traffic over time as your website improves through consistent content production
  • Authority — An organized, information-rich website can become an authority in any niche, leading to countless opportunities for you or your business
  • Conversions — Want to grow your audience, build a list, or make sales? This is easier and more effective on your website than a social media platform!

In other words, it all comes down to control.

When you control your content, you also control the benefits. But when you cede this control to social media platforms, you cede everything—security, visibility, traffic, SEO, and revenue potential.

That’s a bad deal.

But Focus OmniTweet solves these problems and tips the playing field in your favor.

After all—it’s your content, and you should be the one benefitting from it!

How can you get Focus OmniTweet?

Before purchasing Focus OmniTweet, please consider these critical details:

1 I can help you with this after purchasing!
  • YES, Focus OmniTweet is optimized for use on mobile devices!
  • The first version of the software requires the Focus WordPress Theme. If you’re running a different Theme and don’t want to switch, you have the following options:
    • Run Focus OmniTweet on a separate WordPress installation, either in a subfolder or on a subdomain 1
    • Wait for the freestanding WordPress Plugin, which will be released at a later date
  • Your new social media workflow will be: Creating content on your site → editing if necessary → posting to Twitter by clicking a button
  • OmniTweet version 1.0 only supports images; gif and video support will be added in an upcoming release.
  • OmniTweet 1.0 does not support quote tweets, retweets, replies, or Direct Messages. Quote tweets and retweets will likely be supported in an upcoming release, but for now, you will still need to undertake these actions directly on Twitter.

If any of those is a deal-breaker for you, please refrain from purchasing the first version of Focus OmniTweet.

However, if you’re ready to take control of your social media content and flip the script on the Big Tech censors, you will love Focus OmniTweet!

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In the meantime, enjoy these hype videos plus timeline and thread examples.

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