Focus OmniTweet Roadmap

Want to know what functionality is in store for future versions of Focus OmniTweet? You’ve come to the right place!

High Priority Items

These items are likely to appear in the next major Focus OmniTweet update

  • Website-only mode: No need to connect to the Twitter API; use this mode if you just want a cool new way to add short form content and threads to your website
  • Enhanced on-site formatting: Allow bold and italics on site but strip them when posting to Twitter
  • Link support: Automatically convert URLs into clickable links
  • Threads:
    • Automatic page with links to all OmniTweet threads
    • New shortcode for easy output of specific thread links

Medium Priority Items

These items are planned features and tweaks for future updates

  • GIF support: Enable users to post .gif files in tweets and threads
  • Video support: Enable users to post video files in tweets and threads
  • Character counter: Introduce accurate character counting even if bold, italics, links, etc are included in tweet content
  • Threads: Button to post entire thread with a natural cadence (variable timing between the posting of each tweet)

Low Priority Items

These items would be cool to have in future updates

  • Open Graph support: Automatically output Open Graph cards if applicable
  • RSS feed with daily/weekly/monthly subscriber email updates
  • Apple touch icon for app-like access on mobile devices
  • Create local tweet from existing tweet’s status ID
  • Include a loading spinner on the Tweet button to indicate action in the presence of a slow connection