How to Install Focus OmniTweet

Wait just a minute! You need to install Thesis and Focus before you can install Focus OmniTweet. Download the Thesis and Focus installation files from your account page.

After grabbing the download file from your account page, visit your WordPress Admin and then click the Thesis link in the nav menu on the left side of the page.

Once inside the Thesis Admin, click the Boxes link in the nav menu along the top, and then click the Manage Boxes link in the resulting dropdown menu.

From the Manage Boxes page, you can install, activate, deactivate, and delete add-on Boxes from your Thesis environment. In this case, you want to install Focus OmniTweet and then activate it:

  1. Click the blue Upload a New Box button to get started
  2. Choose the file you downloaded earlier, and then click the green Add Box button
  3. After receiving confirmation that the Box was installed successfully, close the popup
  4. Next, locate Focus OmniTweet in your list of installed Boxes, click the checkbox to the left of the name, and then click the green Save Boxes button in the upper right corner to activate Focus OmniTweet

Once Focus OmniTweet is installed and activated, you’ll want to head over to the Settings page to complete the setup process.

Watch the following short video to see the various ways you can access the Focus OmniTweet Settings and Timeline pages.

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