Are you ignoring the basic promise between your website and visitors?

It’s August 1!

You’ve got 5 MONTHS LEFT to reach your website goals in 2021, but there’s a catch—

December doesn’t really count because nobody starts online ventures at the end of the year.

And that means you *must* focus on what matters:

• Speed
• Clarity
• Ease of use

With #WordPress, nailing down the simplest details can be a real challenge.

Why? Because the platform is becoming MORE COMPLICATED ALL THE TIME due to poor leadership.

To run a successful website in 2021, you need software that helps you FIGHT BACK against the bloat.

Here at DIYthemes, fighting back against the bloat is WHAT WE DO!

While everyone else plays along with #WordPress’ never-ending cascade of “features” nobody uses, we dance to a different tune.

We are committed to bringing you SIMPLICITY and SANITY!

How do we do it?

By FOCUSing on what matters!

Your visitors want SPEED, CLARITY, and to GET TO THE POINT in an obvious, hassle-free manner.

YOU want landing page templates and the ability to deliver a gorgeous presentation to your visitors.

This ain’t rocket science.

But simplicity seems like MAGIC when everybody is obsessed with shoehorning the latest design trends into their designs…

…designs that visitors barely notice while they’re looking to satisfy the information gap that brought them to your site.

WEBMASTERS erroneously think visitors will notice—and be bummed—if they don’t have a flashy, visually-striking website.

In reality, VISITORS will notice anything that stands in between them and the reason they came to your site—pop-ups, visual clutter, low-value images, etc.

Here at DIYthemes, we understand the fundamental nature of the website-visitor transaction.

We understand you WILL NOT reach your goals unless you serve your visitors first!

That’s why we built FOCUS—the world’s fastest #WordPress Theme! 🔥

Look, we know it can be tough, frustrating, and CONFUSING to choose your software loadout on a new website.

And #WordPress makes this way more complicated than it needs to be.

But this is where FOCUS shines:

• Get to the point
• Simplify your website
• WIN with visitors!