Focus Content Styles

Landing pages are perfect for selling products, acquiring leads, and restricting the user’s attention to a single thing.

(And let’s face it—that’s no small feat in a world where endless distraction is only a click away.)

All of our Thesis Skins come with at least one custom landing page template that you can use to turn any post or page of your WordPress site into a high-converting landing page.

Like the rest of this Skin, your landing pages will be typographically optimized to provide maximum visual appeal and reading comfort for your visitors.

On top of that, you’ll have access to all of the Skin’s built-in styles, and you can use those to spice up your landing pages and make them more compelling.

On, we use landing pages to highlight some of our best content. For examples of these “resource pages,” as we call them, check out:

Perhaps best of all, Thesis makes it extremely easy to deploy landing pages on your site.

LEGO lake next to a skate park

This is the caption for my second picture.

Simply edit any post or page that you’d like to turn into a landing page, and then select the Landing Page template from the Thesis Skin Custom Template dropdown selector, and BOOM—instant landing page.

Also, since your landing pages are just typical WordPress posts or pages, you’ll be able to edit them from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard without ever needing to resort to code, files, FTP clients, or anything else like that.

The bottom line is clear:

If you’re looking to simplify your website while adding the essential tools you need to be successful, then you need Thesis.