How to Get Your Hands On Thesis 2.0

Last night, just before the clock struck midnight, Chris Pearson released Thesis 2.0.

You can download it when you log in to your DIYthemes membership, but before you do that, read this.

As you’ll soon see, it’s not just a “new paint job.” Chris rebuilt the ENTIRE engine.

The. Whole. Thing.

But as we expected, with such a major overhaul, and tons of people using the new software, we’ve stumbled on a few bugs.

And while we squash these bugs, we don’t recommend you switch over your old version of Thesis to Thesis 2.0 just yet.

Instead, what you can do is this:

We created a nifty plugin that allows you to install Thesis 2, and lets you play with Thesis 2 options, without altering your existing site.

It’s amazing, and it’s a great way for you to play with the new interface… with almost no risk.

That said, we’ve got a short journey ahead of us if we want to perfect Thesis 2.

And that’s why, last night, Chris, Matt (another DIYthemes developer), Alex (the kid designer), and myself (the guy who writes all the copy) were awake until the wee hours of the night…

…and we got back at it after just a few hours of sleep.

We’re fixing bugs, prepping material to show you how Thesis 2 works, and adding the polish that this brand-new ENGINE needs.

Concurrently, the DIYthemes support team (Godhammer, Girlie, and Phil) have been answering questions in the support forums as they arise. They’re your superheroes right now if you have any issues.

As you know, this is a HUGE effort and we want you to know that we’re doing everything to make this new engine hum.

If you’d like to play with the new Thesis, go ahead, download it, upload it to your site, and make sure you activate that plugin that allows you to explore Thesis 2.

P.S. We’ve got some bonuses coming your way, and we’ll release them as soon as they are ready.

P.P.S. Later tonight we’ll be redesigning, and the new pricing structure will be in place. You’ll love this new design simply because you’ll be able to see WHY Thesis 2.0 is an AWESOME theme framework.

Oh, and here’s what some people are saying about Thesis 2.0 so far!

Melvin on Thesis 2 outdoorblogger on Thesis 2 byobonthesis2 Thesis 2
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