DIYthemes Launches New Website Optimization Service

The DIYthemes website optimization service is currently inactive.

Our goal at DIYthemes has always been a simple one: We want to help you build a fast, standards-compliant website you love.

Of course, this is why we built Thesis, and it’s also why we continue to focus on making it more efficient and easier to use.

But here’s the thing…

No matter how good Thesis or any other Theme is, you still have to set up your website and make it your own.

This process involves Plugins, tracking codes (like Google Analytics), integrations, and design tweaks, and in almost every case, this requires you to learn a new system—or multiple systems—to pull it all off!

Unsurprisingly, by the time everything is said and done, your site has transformed into a slow, disorganized shell of its former self. You probably have more gray hair, too.

Where Did It All Go So Wrong?

While working support over the past year, I’ve seen the following situation more times than I can count:

A smart person like you—but not a website expert—sets up a website and finally gets everything working. It’s a herculean effort, and it definitely involves some pain and headaches along the way.

Unfortunately, your reward at the end of this journey is simply realizing you have a whole new set of problems. Deflating? Yep. Frustrating? Absolutely!

Here are the most common performance issues we see every day with “completed” websites:

  • Slow and wonky loading times (a problem that’s even worse on mobile devices!)
  • Overload of CSS and JS files from too many Plugins
  • Web standards violations from poorly coded Plugins and improper integrations
  • Compromised design responsiveness due to Plugins or other customizations
  • Improper placement of scripts
  • Outdated Google Fonts integrations
  • Super slow WP Admin performance

Oh, and I’ve got to give an honorable mention to the people out there who have [1] multiple Plugins that perform the same function, and [2] so many Plugins that they can no longer tell what is useful versus what is unnecessary.

Sound familiar?

It’s not your fault! The web now has so many disparate pieces that need to come together for a successful website, you’ve got to be a seasoned expert to stay on top of everything.

Fortunately, this is where we come in!

We Will Fix the Mess and Make Your Site Fast Again!

We see these problems so often that we can no longer ignore what’s happening here.

Starting today, we are here to clean up the mess and bring next-level organization to your website with our expert optimization service.

We’ll take a detailed look at your website, solve the major performance problems, and ensure your site is set up in the best way possible moving forward.

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