Why Santa Claus Has Nothing on Thesis 2.0.3

Christmas is right around the corner, and here at DIYthemes, we’re busy filling our sleigh with Boxes, Skins, and everything else you need to run a killer website.

In addition, we’ve been testing Thesis day in and day out, and we determined that we needed one final update to the core before we could begin shipping our highly anticipated Skins and Boxes.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s new, and then we’ll explore the forthcoming goodies that would even make Santa jealous.

What’s New in Thesis 2.0.3?

First, we’ve added more quicklinks to the WordPress menu in your dashboard—now you can visit your Skins and Boxes pages with a single click.

Second, we knocked out a slew of issues that you guys raised in the forums, but there’s one in particular that I think is worth mentioning:

Most of the save buttons in Thesis 2 are AJAX saves—in simple terms, this means that the page does not refresh when you hit the save button. A side effect of this process is that you have to wait for a server response after hitting the save button, and sometimes, that response can take a few seconds (mostly on slower servers).

While waiting for this response, many users were becoming justifiably impatient, and they clicked the save button 100 times in a frantic bid to get the damn thing to save!

In a couple of unfortunate cases, this caused people’s template data to be deleted. Of course, Thesis has a Skin Manager that allows you to backup your Skin data, but that doesn’t make this problem any less of an issue (especially for those folks who lost data!).

To remedy this, I’ve instituted a fix that prevents the save button from firing after you’ve pressed it once. With Thesis 2.0.3, there’s no risk of losing data on save, but I still want to encourage you to backup your skin data—it’s a best practice when working with Thesis.

Next, I’ve made it so that Boxes can now be properly nested in the inactive area of the HTML Editor. This will help Skin developers and armchair tinkerers “clean up” that part of the interface so they can focus on their templates. [the crowd cheers]

Finally—and this really only applies to developers—I instituted a check that will only allow Box admin pages to run once, no matter how many instances of the Box appear in the active Skin’s templates.

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