I Just Dropped 1.6 Beta 2, and 1.6 Final is on the Way!

This article is deprecated! Any technical information contained herein likely refers to software versions that are now obsolete. Please visit our blog home page for current updates.

So far, Thesis 1.6 beta has been very well received, and I just put the finishing touches on another (and hopefully final) set of revisions for this release. Read on to see what’s new.

  • The layout.css file and the rotator folder are now in the custom folder: Isolating customizable files is one of the most important aspects of user-friendly, effective software development. In prior versions of Thesis, the layout.css file and the rotator folder, which are both user-generated, were not included in the custom folder, where they clearly belong.
  • Moved the .current indicator in the new nav menu to the containing <li> element (instead of the <a> inside the <li>). Thanks to this move, CSS ninjas will have more flexibility, so I expect to see some sick custom navs very soon 😀
  • Moved the images and languages folders into the lib folder: Better file organization means less confusion (during installs, upgrades, etc.) for newbies and experts alike. Filed under: “I should’ve done this a long time ago.”
  • Fixed the nav menu so that pages in your dropdowns can contain more than 5 items. Whee!
  • Nuked a PHP5-only function: Turns out that str_split, which I used in the creation of the new layout shadow effect, was PHP5-only. Weaksauce. To compensate, I wrote an even better function that accommodates both 3 and 6-digit hex color values. PHP5? Pwned.
  • Repaired broken links in the options panels. Pretty self-explanatory, this one.

Note: If you’re upgrading to Thesis 1.6 and bringing an existing custom folder along for the ride, be sure to move the rotator folder and the layout.css file into your custom folder—Thesis will be looking for it here!

About the author: Thesis creator Chris Pearson is obsessed with optimizing the web and making sure every last detail receives the attention it requires. Follow DIYthemes on Twitter for the latest tips and info on building truly awesome websites.