Big Ass Toggle Switch New in Thesis 1.5b r7!

This article is deprecated! Any technical information refers to software versions that are now obsolete. Please visit the DIYthemes Blog for current updates, or check out the old Thesis Blog for a treasure trove of website marketing insights.

Thanks to @netmeg, the next release of Thesis contains the much-ballyhooed Big Ass Toggle Switch, which toggles all of the options on and off! Other highlights of this version include:

  • Sidebar font selections actually work again — And that’s always nice, right?
  • Version number is now updated after an upgrade — Ahh, upgrades. You’re like family members who stay at your house for like four consecutive nights… You just. won’t. go. away.
  • Archive display options/behavior make more sense — In version r6, options settings and expected behavior weren’t exactly harmonious, so consider this my first attempt to combat that.