Wanna Up the Awesome? Upgrade to WordPress 2.8 and Thesis 1.5.1 Today

This article is deprecated! Any technical information refers to software versions that are now obsolete. Please visit the DIYthemes Blog for current updates, or check out the old Thesis Blog for a treasure trove of website marketing insights.

Friends, lovers, and that awkward group of you who were former lovers but have now moved on to new relationships…

WordPress 2.8 has arrived, and I’m here to tell you that it rocks the house. Highlights include a sweet new widgets interface and snappier JavaScript enhancements throughout, and you’ll definitely want to upgrade as soon as possible.

But the best part about WordPress 2.8? Naturally, that honor goes to Thesis 1.5.1, which is hot off the press! Wanna know what’s new? Check out the pedestrian list below, or if you want the full scoop, go read my nerdy Thesis 1.5.1 commentary on the dev blog.

  • Post images now appear in RSS feeds! Tons of folks clamored for this one, and each and every one of ’em was right—this is a must-have feature!
  • Fixed tagline font controls: And we’re all gonna pretend that I didn’t screw this one up in version 1.5 😀
  • Fixed thumbnail dimension overrides in the in-post editor: Remember when you tried to resize your auto-cropped thumbnail and it didn’t work? Yeah, that sucked. Sorry.
  • Fixed JavaScript compatibility issue on the widgets panel: This was only an issue for early adopters of WordPress 2.8, but I feel the need to mention it here anyway.
  • New, handy nav menu on both options panels! Quick links to Thesis resources from your WordPress dashboard? Yeah, we’ve got that.
Thesis options panel nav menu

Figure 1. Don’t touch that sexy new nav menu… It’s too h0t.

With version 2.8, WordPress has continued to improve their underlying code, and this makes the Thesis + WP combo even more efficient. No matter what kind of site you’re building, WordPress and Thesis form a killer foundation that will ensure you do all the little, technical things right (without even thinking about them!) while you focus on connecting with your target audience.

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