Thesis 1.2 Has Arrived… Download it Now!

This article is deprecated! Any technical information refers to software versions that are now obsolete. Please visit the DIYthemes Blog for current updates, or check out the old Thesis Blog for a treasure trove of website marketing insights.

Admittedly, when I launched DIYthemes on March 29 of this year, I really had no idea where this whole thing was headed. After all, the Thesis options panel didn’t arrive until July 2, and at this point, anything prior to that seems like the dark ages.

Regardless, one thing has remained constant since the day this place opened for business, and that’s the incredible feedback loop that you, the users, provide. Whether you’ve Twittered, commented, emailed, or posted in the forums, you’ve let me know about improvements that could make your online life easier, and I’ve been able to use your keen insight to guide the development of Thesis.

Since August, resident Thesis ninja Rick Beckman has strengthened this user-to-developer feedback loop through tireless participation in the forums and contributions to the Thesis User’s Guide. On top of that, the guy even wrote some killer code that found its way into the latest version of the theme. Because of Rick’s efforts, I am able to say with confidence that Thesis 1.2 addresses more specific user concerns than any previous release.

Read on for more information about the changes and improvements to this new version.

Massively Enhanced Usability

Thesis 1.2 contains tons of improvements in key usability areas, including:

  • quick-edit links on posts and comments
  • clickable author names in bylines
  • optional category link display in the headline area of each post
  • unprecedented control over tag display
  • archive display options (titles, content, or excerpts)
  • customizable “click to continue…” text for post teasers
  • navigation links on single entry pages
  • finely-tuned gravatar control
  • tons of new theme hooks (which will likely make Rick the most helpful guy on the planet)

In addition, the options panels have received some treatments that make them more intuitive to use.

Unprecedented SEO Control

With Thesis 1.2, you can use the new meta custom field to write specific meta descriptions for every post and page on your site. In addition, you can leverage the category description field to manipulate both the <title> and <meta> tags on your category archive pages. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to fine-tune your SEO without the need for plugins or manual template editing!

Multimedia Box Improvements

Tons of you will be happy to know that Thesis 1.2 now allows you to add hyperlinks to your rotating images, all from within the comfort of the updated Thesis Options panel. In addition, Rick worked his own bit of magic on the multimedia box, and as a result, the image custom field should work for you no matter what kind of server you’re on.

New Subscriptions Widget

In addition to the changes listed above, version 1.2 also contains a new subscriptions widget that will allow you to publicize both RSS and email subscriptions in your sidebar. To use this, simply look for the Subscriptions widget in the Widget section of your WordPress dashboard.

The Bottom Line

Thesis 1.2 provides you with a truly groundbreaking level of control over your site. Whether you’re tweaking individual elements, SEO, or your entire layout, Thesis gives you the tools you need to make changes quickly, comfortably, and effectively.

Perhaps most important, the continued improvements to Thesis are making it easier and easier for the DIYthemes team to help you do more. I hinted at it earlier, but thanks to the new hooks included throughout the theme, Rick and I are going to be able to provide a more systematic, precise, and productive level of support than ever before.

I hope you dig it!

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