Is your blog design killing your search engine rankings?

Someone emailed me and said:

“I’m struggling with SEO right now. What can I do?”

So I clicked over to his website, and then promptly fell out of my chair.

He was doing a lot of things right. He had good content, great keyword targeting, decent amount of links, and an active blog.

But he still wasn’t ranking as high in search engines as he deserved.

So I took a closer look, and that’s when it all made sense.

His site loaded extremely slow, which is now a problem because Google takes page load time into account with search rankings.

I then clicked “view source” on his home page, and that was a disaster, too:

  • The sidebars loaded BEFORE the content (a SEO sin)
  • There were several h1 tags on a single page (Google recommends one per page)
  • The category pages heading structure were not optimized (Category Titles should be in an h1, and posts after that in an h2)
  • The <title> tags were not unique on each and every page
  • And overall, the code was completely bloated.

This guy had a beautiful house, but the foundation was falling apart.

And what’s funny is, that’s often the case for a lot of people who run websites.

They spend hours getting everything right, but “mess up” when it comes to their foundation because they don’t know any better.

I can’t blame them though, who has time to run a website AND learn all the nuances of HTML, CSS, and PHP?

Chris Pearson (the creator of Focus) does, but not everyone does…

…And that’s why the theme frameworks are PERFECT for serious website owners.

You can spend time working on what you love…

1. Creating content
2. Interacting with fans
3. Forming valuable relationships

…and the framework can do all the heavy lifting.

(rock-solid code, semantic markup, and on-page SEO).

So, I ask you, is your code killing your search engine rankings?

If you’re not sure, why chance it?

We’re biased here, but if you want to make sure your website isn’t working against you, try Focus for WordPress.

You’d be in good company, too.

Many top SEOs happily use AND recommend Focus as their go-to Theme for unmatched performance.

Isn’t it time you checked out the Focus WordPress Theme?