The /wp-content folder is missing some or all of its content

First, activate any other available theme (such as TwentySeventeen) under AppearanceThemes.

Then download this file and unzip it on your computer.

Once the file is unzipped, you should have a folder named thesis, which contains several different folders and files.

Access your server (preferably by using an FTP program), and navigate to the /wp-content/thesis/ folder.

Now, select all of the folders and files inside the thesis folder on your computer, and upload them to the /wp-content/thesis/ folder on your server.

Once that’s done, reactivate Thesis again under AppearanceThemes.

If these instructions didn’t work for you, here are the most common reasons why:

  • You uploaded the thesis folder, rather than only its contents.
  • You uploaded to the /wp-content/themes/thesis/ folder instead.