How to Use Thesis with a Caching Plugin

If you’re using a caching Plugin for WordPress (such as W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache), you’ll need to follow these steps whenever attempting to make changes with Thesis:

  1. Visit your caching Plugin’s settings page and delete all caches
  2. Disable caching functionality or simply deactivate the caching Plugin
  3. Make changes with Thesis
  4. Visit your site, hold the shift key and hit refresh, and verify that your changes appear as expected
  5. Only enable caching functionality or reactivate the Plugin after you are finished making changes with Thesis!

“Changes” refers to Custom CSS, Design Options, Content Options, Header Images, Logos, or any modifications made in the Thesis Skin Editor.

Want to turn off the caching notification?

You can use the thesis_caching_notification filter to turn off this notification, even if you’re actively using a caching Plugin. Simply add this line to your master.php file (located at /wp-content/thesis/master.php):

add_filter('thesis_caching_notification', '__return_false');