Effectus Skin Changelog

Version 1.2.3 (Released June 13, 2018)

  • Fixed Action Box alignment behavior
  • Fixed improperly declared default settings
  • Fixed icon positions in notes, alerts, and tips
  • Added CSS to handle the WordPress comment consent checkbox
  • Refined .frame CSS

Version 1.2.2 (Released February 13, 2018)

  • Fixed dropdown menu toggling and link behavior
  • Improved syntactical consistency in skin.php
  • Changed custom template names for accuracy and consistency
  • Cleaned up Skin CSS
  • Adjusted Editor CSS so width matches the frontend

Version 1.2 (Released October 17, 2017)

  • WooCommerce design support
  • Added a new Skin Mode option to show sub-menus on mobile
  • New Skin Mode option for rounded avatars
  • Added background color option for the box class
  • Improved WYSIWYG display in the WordPress post editor
  • Updated text escaping and formatting (Thesis 2.4 spec)
  • Updated CSS per Thesis 2.4 specifications
  • Added version requirement for Thesis 2.4
  • Refined nav menu styles
  • Fixed issue with comments being disabled by default on posts
  • Changed class of tinymce to prevent class collision with Thesis core naming convention
  • Set affiliate link input width to long

Version 1.1.1 (Released April 21, 2017) – Hotfix

  • Added a new design option under Skin Modes called “Show Sub Menus on Mobile” which when checked will display Sub Menus on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue with display options not working properly.

Version 1.1 (Released April 19, 2017)

  • Added design options for Alerts, Notes and Tips.
  • Added a display option to hide or show pagination numbers. (see Skin Content Options)
  • Updated featured image to use srcset and sizes.
  • Updated skin.php to Theses 2.2+ API standards.
  • Added a condition to hide pagination when there is only one page.
  • Added CSS flex-box to the menu and improved the navigation on mobile.
  • Added CSS flex-box to related posts.
  • Replaced next/previous text with HTML entity arrows.
  • Replaced next/previous links CSS absolute positioning in favor of float left/right respectively.

Version 1.0.8 (Released January 14, 2016) – Hotfix

  • Fixed issue with editor styling not showing.

Version 1.0.7 (Released January 13, 2016) – Hotfix

  • Fixed issue with Action Box image and the new relative paths.
  • Changed drop cap HTML to span.
  • Minified menu JavaScript.
  • Updated Image resizer.
  • Added canvas check to ensure admin assets load only where they are needed for the skins options.
  • Added async attribute to the skins core JavaScript.

Version 1.0.6 (Released June 06, 2015)

  • Fixed issue with link text for numbered Pagination. (requires CSS reset to correct this issue)
  • Fixed incorrect class for the play button in the Action Box.
  • Changed drop caps to secondary color.
  • Removed double link for Effectus Skin in attribution.
  • Added class notation to archive_footer clearfix.
  • Secondary color default now changes dynamically to reflect the true color in design options.

Version 1.0.5 (Released May 28, 2015)

  • Fixed alignment issues on mobile devices.
  • Fixed single column slim templates displaying as full.
  • Fixed missing value in box.php that affected some featured images.
  • Added option to remove version control query strings from assets loaded with the correct WordPress enqueue method.
  • Removed options to disable Action Box columns in favor of a content aware method.
  • Action Box – classes have all been converted from dashes to underscores for consistency.
  • Action Box – Added options to allow the image to display in its natural dimensions.
  • Action Box – Media column can now be converted to a “Text Box” like input field for greater flexibility.
  • Action Box – Now has its own alignment option to align the content.
  • Action Box – Filter added to major content areas (same behavior as text boxes).
  • Multi Nav Menu – Now correctly displays the selected menu for logged in users.
  • Multi Nav Menu – Added options to change the label for logged in/logged out.

Version 1.0.4 (Released May 13, 2015)

  • Fixed issue with logged in menu not showing the correct menu
  • Fixed issue with default pages navigation not displaying as expected
  • Author Box – bylines now have the correct font applied

Version 1.0.3 (Released May 12, 2015)

  • Multi Nav Menu – now has an option to enable a dynamic log in/out menu item which is added to the end of your menu.
  • Multi Nav Menu – now has two additional options to customize the labels for Login or Logout.
  • Action Box – media column image is now only forced to be 16 by 9 when a video is embedded.
  • Action Box – Additional options to control media image dimension. (allow for natural height and or width)
  • Action Box – Option added to align the media column content.
  • Related Post CSS now has a darker filter applied to better contract the post title
  • Colorless nav mode refined to have transparent background

Version 1.0.2 (Released May 9, 2015)

  • Minor change to Front Page template to add headline area.

Version 1.0.1 (Released May 9, 2015)

  • Action Box updated to better handle defaults as well as further refinements.