Classic Responsive: Content & Display Options

Content and Display Options eliminate the need for you to edit templates to control many basic elements across your site.

Display Options

Classic Responsive includes five different sets of Display Options:

  • Site Title & Tagline
    • Site Title
    • Site Tagline
  • Post/Page Output
    • Author
    • Author Avatar
    • Author Description (single template)
    • Date
    • WP Featured Image
    • Categories
    • Tags
    • Number of Comments (home and archive templates)
    • Thesis post image (single, page, and landing page templates)
    • Thesis thumbnail image (home template)
  • Comments
    • Comments on Posts
    • Comments on Pages
    • Comment date
    • Comment avatar
  • Sidebar
    • Sidebar
    • Sidebar Text Box
    • Sidebar Widgets
  • Miscellaneous
    • Previous/next post links (single template)
    • Skin Attribution
    • WP Admin Link
    • Iconic Classic Responsive Skin curly braces

Note that certain Options are shown in italics — that’s because these are disabled by default when you begin using Classic Responsive.

Knowing this fact will help you to understand why a particular Box might be present in your Template(s), yet the content you’re expecting it to display is still not showing up on your site: it may simply be disabled according to these Display Options, and so you will need to enable it here instead.

Also, if you’re wondering why the text for certain Options in these sets include references to certain Templates, that’s to let you know that enabling that option will not necessarily have a “sitewide” effect, because the Box which is associated with that particular option is not included in all of the Skin’s Templates.

For example, you may enable the “Author Description” in your Display Options, view your site, and then wonder why no author description is visible on your home page; this is because the Classic Responsive Skin only includes the Author Description box in its Single Template by default, and thus, the Author Description won’t show anywhere else. (Of course, if you wanted to add that box to other templates, you could still do that via the Skin HTML Editor.)


The Classic Responsive Skin gives you the ability to quickly customize the content of three Boxes: Nav Menu, Sidebar Text Box, and Attribution.

Clicking the link for any of these Boxes will bring up a new window, where you’ll have the opportunity to either make a choice (e.g., the Nav Menu), or add/modify/edit some text/HTML (e.g., the Sidebar Text Box and the Attribution).