Show Administration Links

This document is deprecated! The information on this page refers to a Thesis version that is now obsolete. Please visit the Thesis Docs for current documentation.

Thesis provides you with options for showing two different types of administrative links: edit links for posts or comments; and a link to access your WordPress admin panel.

Edit links appear for each post, page, or comment on your site, giving you a quick shortcut to their Edit page within your WordPress Dashboard. These links appear only when you’re already logged in, and so they are not visible to readers of your site (unless they too are Admins with Edit permissions on your blog).

To disable edit post links, go to the Design Options panel and under Display Options : Administration, uncheck “Show edit post links”.

To disable edit comment links, go to the Design Options panel, and under Comment Options : Comments : Comment Meta, uncheck the “edit comment link” item.

WordPress Admin Panel Link

A link to the WordPress Admin Panel appears in the footer area of each page on your site. To disable this link, go to the Design Options panel and under Display Options : Administration“, uncheck “Show admin link in footer”.