Set Title Tags

This document is deprecated! The information on this page refers to a Thesis version that is now obsolete. Please visit the Thesis Docs for current documentation.

The <title> tag is part of the <head> section of a web page, and contains the specific name of that web page; for example:

<title>Thesis Theme for WordPress</title>

The title tag is used by other applications, like browsers and search engines. In a browser, it produces the text you see in the title bar (at the very top of your browser window), as well as the default name for any bookmarks created for the page. Search engines reference the title tag when listing the page in results.

Thesis provides you with different options for the title tag, depending on the type of page involved.

Home Page

By default, Thesis will use the site name and site tagline (divided by the character separator) as your home page’s title tag. The values for site name and site tagline correspond to the values you’ve entered for “Site Title” and “Tagline”, respectively, on the WordPress General Settings subpanel.

To override this default behavior, go to Site Options and expand the “Document Head” section (under Home Page SEO). Enter your desired title tag value in the home page <title> tag field.

Note: If you’re using Static Front and Posts Pages (set in the Reading Settings subpanel), the Home Page SEO settings will be applied to both of those pages. However, you can use the “Custom Title Tag” field on the Edit Page subpanel, under “SEO Details and Additional Style”, to override these settings for each page.

All Other Pages

By default, all of your post and page title tags will consist of the title of that particular post or page (which you assign when creating the post or page in WordPress). You can override this behavior, and further extend your on-page SEO, by entering your own desired value for the title tag in the “Custom Title Tag” field. This field is located on the Edit page subpanel, under “SEO Details and Additional Style”.

If you wish, you can also elect to append your site name to the default post and page titles. Go to Site Options and expand the “Title Tag Settings” section (under Document Head), and select Append site name to page titles.

Note: This option also applies to system-generated pages of your site, such as Archives, Search, etc.

Character Separator in Titles

Where multiple elements are displayed in a title tag (for example, the site name and tagline), Thesis inserts a default character separator () between them.

You can specify your own preferred character to be the separator. Go to Site Options and expand the “Title Tag Settings” section (under Document Head); then enter your desired character separator in the Character separator in titles field.

Category and Tag Archive Pages

By default, Thesis uses the category or tag name in the title tag for each category or tag archive page. You can override this default behavior by editing the individual category or tag in WordPress, where you can then enter your desired title tag value in the Title Tag <title> field.

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