Make a Sales Squeeze or Landing Page

This document is deprecated! The information on this page refers to a Thesis version that is now obsolete. Please visit the Thesis Docs for current documentation.

Sales funnels, squeeze pages, landing pages — whatever the name, special purpose pages are staples of certain online sales and marketing efforts.

With the goal being a single action (conversion) of the page, sales squeeze pages imply in their name what they seek to do: take a visitor to one decision, with as little distraction as possible.

Defining characteristics of a landing or squeeze pages are therefore the removal of information that does not support the goal of one-thing conversion. Removal of a site’s default header, sidebars, and footer are thus common for sales pages.

The abundance of helpful Thesis Filters makes creating a minimalist sales landing or squeeze page in Thesis easy — once you know how!

To remove the header, sidebars, and footer, place this code in custom_functions.php:

function my_sales_page() {
	if (is_page('78')) {
		add_filter('thesis_show_header', '__return_false');
		add_filter('thesis_show_sidebars', '__return_false');
		add_filter('thesis_show_footer', '__return_false');

The key here is identification of the page name or id, shown above as ’78’ to apply this filter conditionally, such that only the sales page is filtered. One method of page identification is to hover over the “edit” link in the WordPress > Pages section.

In most browsers, the status bar in the lower left will show a URL containing the id:

Note the three lines in the middle are independent of one another. In the above function, removing the line addressing the footer would filter only the header and sidebar areas on your sales squeeze page.

Videos, images, opt-in forms, payment buttons, and more can be added. In most cases, these can be added directly into your WordPress page editor, and require no further php code.

You now have the basic model, and can refine your sales squeeze and landing pages from here!