Is Managed WordPress Hosting Right For You?

You’ve heard about managed wordpress hosting. What’s the deal?

Look at it like this:

You know there’s a lot of headaches with running a WordPress website. You need to keep WordPress updated, your plugins updated, and you want your site running as fast as possible.

When you sign up for a quality managed wordpress hosting provider, they often take care of all of that for you. No need to mess with software updates, slow loading websites, or any of that jive.

So, the key benefit of managed hosting is this:

You can run your WordPress website, and you can let professionals manage that techy stuff on the back-end that you may or may not understand.

However, what’s the REAL benefit of managed WordPress hosting?

WordPress Updates On Command

WordPress updates his software often. They need to address potential security vulnerabilities and add more functionality as WordPress progresses into one of the best content management systems hands-down.

When you have managed hosting, your hosting provider will make sure your WordPress is up-to-date. You won’t need to worry about breaking plugins, or any of that, mainly because your managed host will test all of that before they upgrade your WordPress site.

WordPress Plugin Compatibility

Again, as I mentioned above, when you’re working with managed wordpress hosting, you won’t have to worry about plugin compatibility.

That’s what your new managed host will do for you. You can focus on running your website, and when a new update comes out, you can ask them to test everything before giving you the latest piece of software.

WordPress Speed Optimization

Here at DIYthemes, you know we love fast loading WordPress websites. The faster your site loads, the better, mainly because people absolutely HATE slow websites.

(Amazon discovered that for every 1/10 of a second they increased their load time, their sales dropped by 1%).

When you have a quality WordPress managed host, your hosting provider will ensure that your website loads as fast as possible. They’ll often implement the latest caching plugins, content delivery networks, and all of the latest developments in speed optimization to keep your site loading extremely fast.

WordPress Website and Database Backups

Here’s the real kicker.

Let’s say something bad happens to your site. Something real bad. You lose all of your content, and all of your articles, pictures, and etc.

If you’re running your site on a bad host, you could lose everything. However, when you’re using a quality managed WordPress hosting provider, many of them offer NIGHTLY backups.

So, even if your site does get compromised, your managed WordPress hosting provider can help you fix it without any problems.

(Yeah, you might lose a day or two of work, but it’s better than losing the entire site, right?)

The Bottom Line

Managed WordPress hosting can be more expensive than other hosting providers, but with this peace of mind, how can you resist?