How to remove elements from a Thesis Skin

There are two ways to remove elements from your Skin. The Display Options method is quick and easy, but not every element can be controlled this way.

If you need to remove an element that’s not in the Display Options, you can use the Modify Templates method to remove anything from your Skin.

Method 1: Use the Skin Display Options

Official Thesis Skins from DIYthemes allow you to control the output of certain elements via Skin Content Display Options.

For example, if you’re using the Classic Responsive Skin, you can quickly change which elements appear as part of your Post/Page Output (such as author name, date, categories, tags, etc.) simply by using its Display Options.

Please note that if you turn off elements in the Display Options, this will affect all templates on which these items appear. If you only want to suppress an element on some (rather than all) of your emplates, then you’ll need to use Method 2 instead.

Method 2: Modify Templates

If the item you want to remove is not available in the Display Options for the Skin you’re using, or if you only want to remove it from certain Templates (rather than all of them), you’ll need to use the Skin HTML Editor to do this instead.

Go to Thesis Admin → Skin → Editor, and select the Template you wish to edit. Locate the Box for the element you no longer want shown (you may need to expand other Boxes first in order to find it), and then remove the box.