How to Add Navigation Links for Paginated Comments

  1. Go to Skin EditorHTML.
  2. Click the name of the currently displayed template to access the Template Manager (screenshot), and then click “Single” to select that template for editing.
  3. Expand the WP Loop Box (if it is not already expanded).
  4. Use the Box Manager to add a Comments Navigation Box, then shift + drag it over to the WP Loop Box. (See Add a Box to a Template if you need further details on performing these actions.)
  5. Drag the Comments Navigation Box into the desired position within WP Loop Box.
  6. Click Save Template.

If the skin you’re using does not already provide styles for the comments navigation, and you need to add them yourself, you can use ul#comment_nav li a for the CSS Selector.

If you need to target the previous and next links independently for styling, you can also utilize their respective individual classes: li.previous_comments and li.next_comments.