How to Add Email Opt-in Forms

Since version 2.8, Thesis has included a feature called Modular Content that is now the easiest and most organized way to add email opt-in forms to your site.

DIYthemes has created email signup Boxes for both AWeber and MailChimp, so if you’re using one of those services, simply follow the appropriate instructions for your provider:

If you’re using a different provider, you’ll need to manually add the code for that provider’s particular form instead. You can do this using either a Thesis Text Box (see: how to add a Box) or a WordPress Text Widget.1 Simply paste your form code into its “Text” field, then edit it as follows:

  1. Add a thesis_email_form class to the form element.
  2. Add an input_text class to the name and email input fields.
  3. Add an input_submit class to the submit input.
  4. Save your changes.

Making these changes to your form code should allow it to inherit any default styles for Thesis Email Forms which are already provided by your current Skin. If you wish to refine them further, you can do this via Skin → Custom CSS.

1 Note that if your provider’s form code utilizes <script> tags, you may need to use a custom PHP function + hook to position the form instead; see How to Add Custom PHP Functions for the overview of this method.