Thesis Skin Editor: Canvas

The Thesis Canvas allows you to observe the effects of changes you are making in the Skin Editor.

Basic Canvas Functionality

  1. Visit the Thesis Skin Editor
  2. Launch the Canvas by clicking the blue Canvas button in the top menu
  3. In the Canvas window, navigate to a page that uses the specific template you wish to edit
  4. The Editor will automatically switch to that template for editing
  5. Whenever you click Save Template, the Canvas will refresh itself to reflect your changes

Keep the following two points in mind when using the Canvas:

  • The Canvas always loads the main URL of your site upon initial launch
  • The Canvas always controls the HTML Editor, not the other way around

Usage note: Whenever you click the Canvas button, the HTML Editor will immediately switch to the Home template (or your Front Page template if you’re using a Static Front Page) in order to stay in sync with the Canvas.

With this in mind, if you are currently editing a template other than the Home (or Front Page) template, be sure to save any changes you’ve made to that template before launching the Canvas!

Canvas Tutorials