Default Hook Usage in Thesis

This document is deprecated! The information on this page refers to a Thesis version that is now obsolete. Please visit the Thesis Docs for current documentation.

In its default state, Thesis hooks quite a few elements into place. This provides for easy and effective customization in the form of adding, deleting, or moving these “hooked” elements around the theme via the Thesis hook system.

Occasionally, you may need to un-hook (or remove) one or more of these elements, and you’ll need to know which hook to target in order to get your desired result. The following list details these default elements and their associated hooks1:

Thesis nav menu
This is the page-based navigation menu that contains your “home” link.

  • thesis_nav_menu function
  • thesis_hook_before_header hook
By default, the header contains your site title and tagline, and it appears directly beneath your nav menu.

  • thesis_default_header function
  • thesis_hook_header hook
Post tags
This is a simple list of the tags associated with a particular post. You can control its visibility in the Thesis Options panel, and you can change its location by moving it to a different hook.

  • thesis_post_tags function
  • thesis_hook_after_post hook
Comments link
This is the “{ 2 comments }” text that appears after each post on index and archive pages.

  • thesis_comments_link function
  • thesis_hook_after_post hook
Post navigation
Links to the preceding and succeeding posts that appear only on single post pages.

  • thesis_prev_next_posts function
  • thesis_hook_after_content hook
Previous/next post navigation
Paged-based post navigation that appears only on index and archive pages

  • thesis_post_navigation function
  • thesis_hook_after_content hook
Subscribe to Comments plugin compatibility
If you’re using the Subscribe to Comments plugin, Thesis will detect this and add the appropriate code to your comment form.

  • show_subscription_checkbox function
  • thesis_hook_after_comment_box hook
Archives template
If you’re creating an Archives Page, this is used to display the default content for the page.

  • thesis_archives_template function
  • thesis_hook_archives_template hook
Custom template
If you’ve selected “Custom Template” for a specific page, this is used to display the default content for that page.

  • thesis_custom_template_sample function
  • thesis_hook_custom_template hook
Thesis attribution
The DIYthemes attribution link is hooked into place by default.

  • thesis_attribution function
  • thesis_hook_footer hook
Feature Box
Thesis uses a hook to add the Feature Box (depending on your Design Option configuration selections)..

  • thesis_feature_box function
  • thesis_hook_after_post_box hook
  • thesis_hook_before_header hook
  • thesis_hook_before_content_box hook
  • thesis_hook_before_content hook
404 page title
Because your 404 page’s title and content are hooked into place, your 404 page is completely customizable!

  • thesis_404_title function
  • thesis_hook_404_title hook
404 page content
You can add any HTML you want to your 404 page’s content area.

  • thesis_404_content function
  • thesis_hook_404_content hook
  1. You can also consult launch.php for this same information… It’s pretty crucial for developers.