Thesis 2.9.6 Changelog

Release date: August 6, 2019

Important update information: If you created Modular Content prior to version 2.9.6 and enabled the “disable automatic <p> tags” option, you will need to re-enable that option on all relevant pieces of Modular Content after updating to Thesis 2.9.6.

  • Modular Content: Added new inline delivery option with span tags instead of div tags
  • PHP 7.2+: replaced create_function() call with an inline function() to eliminate a PHP notice
  • Title Tag Box: Fixed output cascade preference for static front pages
  • Google Analytics Box: Improved HTML source formatting and added a filter, thesis_google_analytics_gtag_indicator, to allow for HTML comment removal from the source
  • Thesis Admin: Improved HTML source formatting
  • Box admin pages: Improved HTML source indentation
  • Form API: Refined HTML source indentions on grouped options